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Handicraft business in the UK

Workmanship business in the UK Presentation The target of this report is to examine and set up the field-tested strategy for a craftsmanship business in UK. This field-tested strategy manages the possibility investigation, thought age, and industry examination at both the neighborhood and worldwide level to comprehend the market and business factors. The market investigation is likewise done, essentially through the auxiliary sources to catch the expected interest of handiworks in the UK advertise and the patterns which the client are searching for in this industry. Subsequent to dissecting the interest, the specialized investigation was accomplished for the business. For the accomplishment of any business, it is vital that the thought or the premise of the arrangement ought to be solid. In any case, it is likewise basic that the arrangement should consider a genuine picture of financials to have a solid establishment on which the business can be based upon. Thusly in the report, a nitty gritty readiness of income investigation, gainfulness examination and the normal use in the business has been dealt with. The report has mulled over the hazard factor additionally which the business needs to consider before initiating on the work. Handiwork is a business which needs money related capital as well as human capital and it is fundamental that gifted work is accessible in bounty. The weakening rate is low in this industry gave they are offered sufficient help and wages. In the report I have attempted to address that issue too. Additionally the way wherein the items would be sold and advanced in the market would be dealt with. We would not be opening our own stores for the present and would sell on to different retailers. Anyway opening the stores isn't disposed of as entire until further notice and would be viewed as a choice at a later stage in the life of the business. Substantial spending is wanted to advance the items in the underlying period of the business and different media vehicles would be attempted upon to advance the items well in the market. The business starting at now concentrating basically on the UK showcase and later on in the later stage, the business can be extended further. Craftsmanship Industry The craftsmanship business is one of the most profitable areas in the economy. The explanation being that this segment utilizes the crude materials as well as give business chances to various individuals. Hence not just money related capital and crude material is utilized yet in addition a great deal of human capital is additionally utilized around here (Garrison, 2008). As per United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) International Symposium on â€Å"Crafts and the International Market: Trade and customs codification†, Manila, Philippines, October 1997. Crafted works can be characterized as items which are delivered either totally by hand or with the assistance of instruments. Mechanical devices might be utilized as long as the immediate manual commitment of the craftsman remains the most considerable segment of the completed item. Painstaking work are produced using the crude materials and can be delivered in boundless numbers. Such items can be utilitarian, stylish, social, aesthetic and may have a social, strict and representative importance (Robertson, 2002). Industry Analysis UK has been a nation with a rich and various culture. Parcel of transient populace likewise lives in different pieces of the nation. It is a result of this that craftsmanship industry has assumed a significant job in this nation. The business gives monetary favorable position much on account of the interest from different layers of the populace (Mathias, 2001). Painstaking work have consistently pulled in individuals much on account of their social significance and it crosses hindrances as well. The clients in any market search for crafted works from the nearby market as well as from different nations (Barlow, 1991). In this way both the social and money related qualities are connected to this industry. This industry by its mass and creation scale lies in the white collar class as very little fund and assembling offices are required around here. The business is decentralized and is work concentrated. Very few players battle in this market and just little players work here. The division utilizes many individuals and therefore goes about as a mechanism of work for parcel of individuals. The part has seen an expansion in development much because of the way that individuals have been progressively open to the way of life of different nations and are tolerating it all the more regularly. The time of globalization has helped in the recovery of th is industry in the UK showcase as well as in different markets as well (Andrews, 2009). Characterization of Handicrafts Industry Workmanship items can be recognized into the accompanying: Metal product Wood product Hand printed materials Weaved and stitched products Wraps Floor coverings Weaved products Bamboo items Zari products Ceramic and jute items Different painstaking work SWOT Analysis of Handicraft Industry Qualities Market is expanded and has tremendous potential Nearness of enormous item assortment in view of different societies Low capital venture Adaptability underway of merchandise according to advertise request Low obstructions to the section of new players Items sold are high worth ones and have differentiated use Shortcoming Absence of coordination between government bodies and organizations Lacking data on the current market patterns Absence of talented work Openings Improvement of household the travel industry part which helps in boosting deals. Use of web and different advancements in boosting the market potential Rising interest due to individuals getting progressively open to societies Dangers Absence of marking openings in this segment Dangers from the creating nations like India and China as far as assets Business Proposition We would bargain in the restricted arrangement of workmanship industry the same number of items go under its domain. Our organization would serve the necessities of the clients in just the wooden handiworks showcase. The purpose behind picking this is in UK showcase these items are utilized nearly in each home. Items like embellishing seats, work areas, beds, couches which are made by hand are viewed as high worth items in the market as clients search for something other than what's expected. Especially for the UK client, they need items which fill their practical need as well as include a bonus. It is with this that we intend to enter in this industry with this particular arrangement of items. Wooden painstaking work allude to a wide scope of wooden things conveying utilitarian and aesthetic worth that are made by hand o with the utilization of basic devices. They are made by unrivaled workmanship, have fine plans and have unpretentious style. The items require low capital speculation to fabricate. The wooden workmanship segment gives a high proportion of significant worth expansion and has risen as one of the significant wellsprings of outside trade in the nation as well. (Sumption, 2010) Market Analysis Greater part of the current players in the market bargain in practically all the item classifications in the wooden craftsmanship industry. (Macleod, 2006) Retailing isn't finished by them and they bargain in for the most part the creation part. They have retailing contracts with different accomplices which assist them with selling the items Month to month creation units are significantly in the scope of thousands of units for all the items consolidated Wooden and glass crafted works are significantly popular in the UK showcase. (John, 2006) Inventories are normally kept low as these items are sold and created in lower units in the market. Practically all the players in the market enlist the work at a legally binding premise as opposed to on a lasting premise. A considerable lot of the players take the course of presentation to elevate their items to the clients. (Mathias, 2001) These items are high edge items as they are fundamentally esteem based ones. Thus high edge and medium volume is commonly the pattern in the business Rivalry The accompanying players as of now work in the market and sell wooden crafted works in the market. World Art and Crafts Ltd. Java Art Components Ltd. Request Analysis and Forecasting During our investigation we likewise dissected the interest design for the different items in the wooden workmanship market and it came to around 50000 units for every month on estimation. There is an interest gracefully hole in the market as indicated by our flexibly the current players in the market can give near 30000 units as it were. Thus we believe a tremendous potential to be make up for lost time in the market.(Boseley,2009) The market is developing intently at a yearly pace of 15%. Thus it is concluded that the limit would be at first 60% for the principal year and afterward it will develop appropriately. Showcasing Channel As referenced previously, our business includes just assembling the items. Accordingly we would utilize a system of retailers called accomplices to sell our items in the market. These eventual for the most part large retailers like WalMart, Tesco and so on. Key Marketing Plan Wooden handiwork especially the furniture part is an unbranded ware and thus makers by and large don't need to spend a lot on the limited time part. It is better for them to expand the edge given to the retailers with the goal that they push the organization item more before the clients. Anyway so as to separate our contribution and to catch the client base, it is important to have a fundamental key advertising plan. The accompanying would be the techniques utilized by us: Consistent gracefully with ideal conveyance to satisfy the interest in the market in this manner furnishing items with high caliber Items would be given accentuation on the plan front. Structures would be founded on a few subjects Requests would likewise be dismantled online from the clients from being accessible in the retail The organization plans to the two fabricates the items locally in the UK showcase just as import some of it from the Indian market. Indians assume an imperative job in UK both as far as exchange and socioeconomics and

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Speech The Turnitin Plagiarism Prevention System

Question: The prerequisite to deliver a short discourse will permit to build up a more profound energy about a key subject The Turnitin copyright infringement counteraction framework? Answer: Budget summaries are incorporated announcing both are fundamental in current business however on account of coordinated revealing it is progressively advance and refreshed detailing framework that gives a few bit of leeway to the organizations since it is an adaptable framework that incorporates fiscal summaries as well as non-money related too. In these present long periods of business it is gotten exceptionally fundamental to actualize an inventive strategies and instruments that will help in development of the business and assists with making a novel character in ten current objective markets by giving satisfactory fixation on the utilitarian territories that requires consideration. Because of the development mechanical instruments are actualized by the announcing authority there is no distributions happens in regards to the information assortment the dependable and approve information were gathered effectively with the assistance of database framework and above all the accuracy o f the information is expanded in light of the fact that appropriate investigation is finished by the examination. In this manner, the current revealing procedure is wiped out by the cutting edge and progressed coordinated detailing framework and it assists with improving the whole announcing process. Then again, the joins need more an ideal opportunity to settle on a compelling choice in the wake of playing out the budget reports examination that will help in building up better business opportunity and for this specific reason the coordinated framework helps in keeping up the equalization of the exactness and systems. Long haul viable procedure is executed by the incorporated framework by breaking down the present market situation and budgetary remaining of the organization. Notwithstanding, it very well may be inferred that coordinated framework is actualized on the grounds that in the previous decade the budgetary and non money related execution of organization was not satisfactor y and it certes a few commitments for the administrative position and by executing the incorporated revealing framework this specific hindrance is dispensed with and straightforward monetary execution of different organizations are shown imaginatively by the framework.

Media Control: The Spectacular achievments of propaganda Essay

Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda. Summation of the book. Chomsky analyzes and investigates the utilization of purposeful publicity in the broad communications. His emphasis stays on the â€Å"elite† as he would call them, or the organizations and government officials that control the broad communications in our nation. He talks about how the U.S. government utilized promulgation so as to pick up help for our country’s association in wars from Wilson’s administration to Bush Sr., and now in our alleged â€Å"War on Terror† brought upon by George W. Bramble. He clarifies how he accepts this tip top gathering of individuals control the psyches of those that are less instructed, and without a receptive outlooks. He accepts that promulgation has been utilized through the broad communications to direct this populace towards supporting political interests. Why I picked this book. I had gotten notification from huge numbers of my companions about Noam Chomsky and how he may simply be the most significant scholarly alive today. So while I was helping my companion with a task of hers I ran over this book at her home. I flipped through two or three pages and chose to utilize this book for this venture. I figured it would give another understanding into the job of our administration in the media. How this book identifies with this class. This book talks about the administrations job in the media. Despite the fact that Chomsky’s perspectives may be viewed as to some degree outrageous by certain gauges, his message s significant. We have talked about the administration control of the media. For instance, President Roo...

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Schindler’S List Essay Assignment Example For Students

Schindler’S List Essay Assignment As indicated by the Internet Movie Database, Schindlers List is Steven Spielbergs third best film he has coordinated. Spielberg utilizes every unique kind of symbolism to delineate how it really was back when the Nazis were submitting slaughter. He utilizes explicit individuals to show how terrible it was. Passing is utilized by indicating how effectively the Nazi fighters would execute a blameless jew. The Girl in the Red Coat is additionally used to show that anybody can be slaughtered. Spielberg additionally includes that they utilized jewish headstones to clear a street all through the work camp. He utilizes every one of these pictures to make such a dismal, yet amazing film. To begin with, the german officials grasped the lives of a huge number of jews, and they removed it with a solitary projectile. They would end their lives execution style. Oskar utilizes a man that has one arm. Later on in the film, he is seen scooping snow well, attempting to scoop day off. A SS official at that point shoots the man directly in the head, and his blood is demonstrated hurrying down the white day off. The SS official had not in any case dithered, he threatened to use his firearm out and fired. In a later scene, a lady engineer is indicated surging over to the officials to reveal to them that they have to remake the structure or it will fall. A request is given to murder her, they shoot her without hesitating. Her blood is then recolored in the encompassing day off. What's more, after she is executed, the boss provides a request to reconstruct the structure. He murdered her for reasons unknown; no explanation by any stretch of the imagination. The german officials are thoughtless, dormant individuals. Likewise, the whole movie is shot clearly, so the executive can make certain items stick out. For example, The Girl in the Red Coat is a young lady around six years old. Oskar recognizes her from the highest point of a mountain running, and escaping the german officials. At that point, later on in the film, Oskar is strolling through a camp, and spots this young lady, dead in push cart. The push cart is additionally loaded up with others. Oskars outward appearance promptly drops when he recognizes the red coat. Spielberg utilizes The Girl in the Red Coat to delineate the blamelessness of the jewish individuals. Its incredible to show how the Germans would slaughter the jewish individuals no sweat; cool as a cucumber. Moreover, the Nazis incorporate a street driving with and through the camp, made out of jewish headstones. This doesnt simply include truly precise pictures, it shows the complete destruction of the Jewish race. A whole graveyard was uncovered, a great many ages was lost after they have done it. They could always be unable to distinguish their resting spot of the previous jews. By expelling the gravestones, this at that point precludes the complete presence from claiming any jew that once strolled the earth. Not to mention they did it to demonstrate that they were never going to be recalled when they were no more. To come clean, that just nauseates me. They would demolish the resting spots of past family members, to fabricate a street. I could see that street being the street of death. Strolling over headstones into the camp that will in the long run murder you; that is the means by which I see it. All things considered, Steven Spielberg coordinated an amazing film; it indicated the genuine agony of the Holocaust. Liam Neeson, which I commend, didn't get an oscar for this film; lewdness I state. This film made me destroy toward the end when Schindler was blustering how he could have spared more. He began not in any case thinking about these jews, however toward the end, he cherished them. This was such an incredible film, I adored each moment of it.

Essay Topics to Avoid Using When Writing on Law Enforcement Or Use of Force

Essay Topics to Avoid Using When Writing on Law Enforcement Or Use of ForceAs the use of force is a very hot button issue in the public debate, it is wise to use essay topics that are not centered on law enforcement or the legal system. It may not seem fair but it is just reality.The original content can still be used but the public will not find out about it unless you announce it to them. Some people will try to hide the fact that they wrote on an essay topic related to the use of force in police officers.There is no reason for anyone to be uncomfortable with the use of force or controversial issues in public discourse. If they were they would not even be writing at all. A person may feel uncomfortable with the use of force or controversial issues in public discourse but that is not because they are bigots or even uneducated, it is just human nature.That is what makes the discussion of the subject so difficult in our public discourse. It is difficult for many people to express thei r views and have an open mind.When a person takes the time to research and understand the issues then they will better be able to take an educated stand on controversial issues. They will be more confident in expressing their views because they have already done the research and understanding the issues. It takes some guts to do that if you are unsure of your position.In addition to this, if you choose to write on an essay topic related to the use of force in police officers or controversial issues in public discourse, make sure that you will include original content. You may not want to use your name or information on your essay if it is not part of your original content. Your readers will get the impression that you are trying to mislead them.If you use your name, at least include an official letter from your law firm confirming that your name is original content for your essay. This letter will give the reader confidence that your essay is coming from you.When selecting essay top ics that are not so controversial in nature, read a sample of recent essays to get an idea of what to write. Make sure that you will have something original to say so that you do not need to use your name.

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ACT Math Algebra Everything You Need to Know

Of the 60 questions on the ACT math section, about 21 of them will consist of algebra problems. Thats about 1/3 of the total math test, so youll need to have a firm grasp on the concepts here in order to do well. First, well take a quick look at the elementary algebra topics you need to know for the ACT, conveniently listed so that you can go through and pick out the topics you need to work on. A list of intermediate algebra topics follows. Finally, well go into greater depth on intermediate algebra and the top three content areas you need to know for the ACT. Photo by felixleong ACT Math: Elementary Algebra Topics Solving Expressions With Substitution Here you need to be very comfortable to manipulating equations, solving a problem with given expressions and numbers, and plugging in numbers. This is your basic bread and butter of algebra,. Simplifying Algebraic Expressions Know how to combine like terms and how to factor. In order to do this, youll need to know basic math properties such as the associative and distributive property. Writing/Solving Expressions and Equations On some problems, youll need to take a word problem and convert it into simple linear equation or expression in order to solve it. To solve equations, the most reliable way to get to the answer is by isolating the variable on one side of the equation and the numbers on the other side. Multiplying Binomials When you see a binomial, the first thing you should think about is FOIL. This stands for First, Outer, Inner, and Last. Inequalities You can treat these the same as equations, but remember that the sign flips and points the other way whenever you multiply or divide both sides by a negative number. ACT Math: Intermediate Algebra Topics Quadratic Equations Most of the time, you can factor a quadratic equation problem on the ACT. However, you should know the quadratic formula just in case you need it. For more on quadratic equations, see below. Systems of Equations There are multiple ways to solve a system of equations – so make sure you know how to do it several ways. Depending on the problem, one way will be quicker than another. More info on systems of equations follows below! Relationships Among Variables in an Equation Youll sometimes come across some tougher questions that ask you to think about what happens to one variable as another variable increases or decreases. If you arent sure, you can try plugging in a few values and check the answer. Beware of variables to a power higher (or lower) than 1. Functions The ACT likes to throw in multistep problems that involve figuring out the answer to one function and then plugging that answer into a second function. Make sure you dont confuse one function with the other! Logarithms You wont see too many of these on the ACT, but make sure you know how they work and the basics of logarithms. If you dont, scroll down and take a look at Intermediate Algebra In-Depth. Matrices Again, its a topic that is not tested very often, but make sure you familiarize yourself with them so that you dont waste too much time trying to remember how they work. ACT Math: Intermediate Algebra In-Depth Three conceptsquadratics, systems of equations, and logarithmsare probably ones with which you’re less a bit less familiar (especially logarithms), but they come up fairly regularly on the ACT Math Test. In these types of problems, youll use some of the exact same skills you did for elementary algebra, but in more complex ways. Here are the basics you’ll need to know to master these types of questions. Quadratic equations have three terms and are in the form ax ² + bx + c. An example of a quadratic is x ² – 5x + 6. To find the factors of this equation, we must set up our set of two parentheses: ( )( ). The first term in both parentheses must be x, since x multiplied by x is the only way to get x ². Then we look at the coefficient of the second term, -5. It’s important to include the sign in front of the integer as part of the coefficient. One of the rules of quadratic equations is that the second terms in the two factors must add together to equal the middle term’s coefficient. So we need to think of two numbers that add together to give us -5. Already, we can think of many combinations: -6 and 1, -2 and -3, -200 and 105. So which pair is it? Now we have to look at the integer that’s the third term of the quadratic. Here it’s + 6. Another rule of quadratic equations is that the third term of the quadratic equation will equal the product of the second terms in the two factors. So not only do we need the two numbers to add together to equal -5, but we need them to multiply together to equal + 6. Therefore the factors must be: (x – 2) (x – 3). The â€Å"roots† or the â€Å"solutions† for this quadratic would be 2 and 3. The ACT Math Test will often present you with two or more equations with multiple variables. Remember the â€Å"n equations with n variables rule.† If there are 2 variables in an equation (for example, x and y), then there must be 2 equations that each contain those variables in order to solve. The two common ways to solve are Substitution and Combination. Logarithms are a unique way of writing exponents. We’re used to seeing exponents in a format like y = xa. In â€Å"logs† that equation is equal to logx(y) = a. This is the most essential piece of information you’ll need to solve logarithms. You can get more practice with logarithms on Purple Math! Let’s try a practice logarithm problem, just like the ones you might see on Test Day: Given that logxa = 2 and logxb = 3, what is the value of logx(ab)3? 6 15 36 54 216 Here, the term we are interested in, logx(ab)3, is equivalent to 3logx(ab). This can also be expressed as 3logxa + 3logxb, and since we know the values of logxa and logxb, we can substitute to find the answer. logx(ab)3 = 3logxa + 3logxb = 3(2) + 3(3) = 15 (Choice B). If you dont know these logarithmic identities, you can still solve the problem by finding values for x, a, and b that satisfy the conditions. Then, simply calculate the value of log(x)(ab)3. The easiest way to do this is to work with a base of 10, which would mean that x = 10, a = 100, and b = 1,000. We can then calculate the answer: logx(ab)3 = log(10)(100 * 1,000)3 = log(10)(1,000,000,000,000,000) = log(10)(1015) = 15. The answer is (B). ACT Algebra Review: What to Do Next Now its time for you to put your head down and study hard. If you have a mountain of studying to do, dont despair! I strongly recommend that you break it down into manageable, small sections so that you can learn effectively while avoiding burnout. Good luck! Ready for more advanced stuff? Check out our ACT Trigonometry guide!

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An Aim Of The Electoral College - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1493 Downloads: 3 Date added: 2019/05/28 Category Politics Essay Level High school Tags: Electoral College Essay Did you like this example? Time for a change: Electoral College The Electoral College was designed and founded in a time when the United States was far more decentralized than today. When the Constitution was written itrs arguable that states were more powerful than the central government. Throughout our history, extraordinary change has occurred, including the abolition of slavery, womenrs suffrage, the passing of the civil rights acts, and the legalization of gay marriage. However, although the country as a whole has progressed, and continues to progress, there has been little change since the framing of the Constitution 229 years ago regarding the electoral college. The President has the power and the responsibility to administer laws, declare foreign policy, and guide the people, representing them as head of state. It is crucial that this elected official truly represents the people he serves. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "An Aim Of The Electoral College" essay for you Create order In order for the rule of law to democratically reflect the needs of the American people, there must be change to coincide with an ever-changing nation and world. Currently the Electoral College is more of a relevant problem than ever before, with this past election recently contributing to history books as the 5th time the winner of the election did not win the popular vote, but won the electoral votes. I believe it is time for a change, a reformation where the people are able to grasp the power that should have been theirs from the creation of their nation. The power for the people to be able to protect the future of our country must not be besmirched by antiquated customs. I am of the opinion that the Electoral College is an archaic system, that needs to be abandoned or deeply revised in order for the President to truly represent the People of the United States. A key purpose of the Electoral College is for every, state regardless of size, to have a say in who becomes the representative of the American people, however this resulted in over representation of the small states and the Electoral College favors small states over large states rather than equal representation for all. Rather than an outdated system that provides more powerful votes to a person in some states rather than others, based merely on state of residence, I believe that every individualrs vote should be as impactful as the rest. No greater, no less. The development of the Electoral College system was a rather logical solution when first implemented, due to the fact that the President was meant to be a leader of the individual states more than he was meant to be a leader of the people. The founding fathers in fact feared democracy and as a result established the Electoral College to protect the people from themselves, they believed too much power in the hands of the people bestowed by direct democracy could result in the people being misled by a tyrannical presidential candidate they could elect, or a tyranny of the majority, as said by founding father John Adams. I believe that the average voter today is more than capable of making their own informed decision; They do not need to be protected by the aristocratic elites. According to Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., an esteemed social critic and former President John F. Kennedys speechwriter, Direct popular election of the President, is the only system that is truly democratic, truly equitable, and can truly reflect the will of the people as well as being the only voting method that meets the moral criteria of a democracy. Schlesinger is not wrong here, a true democracy requires fair and equal power to all voters. Simila rly, the only way for our country to fully realize the democratic ideals which it originally was based upon, we must grant each citizen the equal and unbiased representation that they deserve. Towards the end of the presidential election process it merely becomes a race between two of the nominated candidates of the Democrat and Republican party, Third parties become powerless in the hands of the Electoral College due to the Plurality voting system it employs. Douglass J. Amy, a leading expert on electoral voting systems, states that our current election system, severely limits the organization options of groups outside the political mainstream. Simply put, third parties can never succeed as Plurality rules tend to foster two-party systems by systematically discriminating against minor parties and making it extremely difficult for them to achieve any electoral success. At this point of the election each electoral vote is crucial to the success or loss of either candidate. This becomes a problem with the Electoral College as citizens begin to ponder that if they were to vote for a third party candidate, one they truly identify with, they are also contributing to the success of a possible unfavorable candidate to them as third parties tend to never achieve any success but simply take votes from the two main parties. In this situation many would settle for the lesser of two evils choice and sacrifice their actual opinions and beliefs and vote for an individual merely so the other main candidate wont succeed. According to Travis N. Rieder a writer of the washington post, the people are being put in the position of choosing an eternal moral principle over an internal one. This goes against principles of diversity within our nation and fighting for what you believe in, given the circumstances where the two parties are truly the only ones that matter. Citizens must make the decision to either vote for what they believe in or vote for a candidate they dont e ntirely support. Within the timespan of approximately 2 years, presidential candidates must travel across the nation in attempt to inform the American people of their campaign goals. Yet the Electoral College inhibits the candidates from visiting states that they are confident they have secured votes from and instead concentrate on battleground states, where the polls show the contest is likely to be closest.(Edwards) and where presidential candidates will focus most of their time due to the possibility of the votes going either red or blue. This results in states with tendencies of remaining blue or red for an extended period of time to be kept in the dark from presidential campaign visits. Whatrs the point in voting if your vote really doesnt make a difference? The Electoral College system may very well be a contributing factor to the decreasing voter turnout in recent years as people believe their civil duty is limited due to the insignificance of their vote, the electoral college does not represent the one man one vote system where every vote counts and can make a difference in the election results. Typically the popular vote matches the electoral vote and the end result is the same, but in these odd instances where the American people vote for a candidate and the electoral college votes differently, therers a problem. As stated by Lucius Wilmerding Jr. a former consultant of the Federal Reserve Board, The Electors were never meant to choose a President, but only to announce the votes of the People. Unfortunately this is not the case due to Faithless Electors who vote not for the candidate they pledged to vote for but instead vote upon personal preference, no longer reflecting the American Peoples desire but reflect their own opinion. By implementing the Automatic plan it will eliminate the threat of Electors voting based on their own preference and instead will enforce the Electors to vote based on the peoplers preference. This solution allows the Electoral college to be kept, and more democracy is established. Another solution would be the Virginia Plan where the Electoral votes are distributed based on the popular winner within each of the congressional districts and the statewide popular vote winner receives two additional votes, or otherwise implementing the congressional district plan states such as Nebraska and Maine utilize today. By adding these modifications to the Election system there will be balance between centralized government ideals and a true democratic Nation. Overall the Electoral College has proven to become quite the hindrance for democracy. The popular vote must have more effect and power in the election process, otherwise It eliminates the point in the people voting, The people who actually represent the nation. the poor and middle class, the common individual not the aristocratic elite who believe they know whatrs best for the nation, as former president Andrew Jackson once said The majority is to govern not the small group of elites. Simply put the popular vote along with modifications to the Electoral College such as the Automatic, Virginia, and congressional district plans, are what true democracy is. Where every single vote counts equally. popular vote will pose more of an impact and the people of the United States will respond. The people will reach validity through their empowered civil duty that shouldve been theirs from the start and the future of our nation will be bright through the Peoplers vote.